Gamer by day.. also gamer by night.


  • Personal Introduction

    My name is Nicholas Mote. I am a 25 year old gamer whose daily life consists of gaming on either PC or Mobile. When I’m not watching Stargate Atlantis, I’m on my PC or my phone playing some of listed favorite games above. I love striving to be better in the competitive world of gaming and will hope to continue to do so for many years to come. ~As a poster in my room says, “I don’t always play videos games. Sometimes, I eat, sleep, and one time I even came out of my room!”

  • Favorite Games

    APEX LegendsAPEX Legends MobileBrawl StarsCall of DutyCall of Duty WarzoneFortniteLeague of LegendsOverwatch2Escape from TarkovLeague of Legends: Wild RiftWorld of Warcraft


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