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Take your eSports experience to the next level with GauG! Connect with eSports fans, unleash your potential in competitive tournaments, and dive into the new world of Fantasy Esports. Experience the game-changing power of GauG as we redefine the eSports scene.

Gaug Is Where You Can Find Your Place In Esports

Amplify Your Esports Journey



Join the ultimate destination for eSports enthusiasts! Connect with other gamers and fans, create your own tournaments, and compete against each other in a variety of eSports games. Our platform is designed to bring the eSports community together and help you grow your skills and network.

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Fantasy Esports

Fantasy Esports

Collect NFTs, draft your dream team, and compete against other players on GauG's Fantasy Esports platform. Whether you are a casual fan or a pro, our platform offers a fun and engaging way to experience eSports like never before.

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Tournament Management

Tournament Management

Elevate your eSports event with GauG's Tournament Management service. We offer support to host, produce media campaigns, and create a successful and memorable event.

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// Our Mission

We strive to provide innovative and engaging platforms and services that enable gamers, fans, and companies to connect, compete, and grow in the eSports industry. Through our passion for esports and our commitment to excellence, we aim to be a leading force in shaping the future of esports.

Empower Esports and Gaming Fans Globally




Passion for Competitive Esports

We value the opportunity to support and offer growth for gamers, teams, and gaming companies, with a goal to nurture and expand the competitive eSports scene

Building the Gaming Community

We value to build the gaming community through our platforms and services to further accelerate the power of the gaming community

Constant Innovation

We value driving innovation and creating groundbreaking solutions within the rapidly evolving industry, aiming to elevate the gaming experience and shape the future of eSports

meet the gaug members

Gaug Member - Naoto Maeda

Naoto Maeda

// CEO

Gaug Member - Yoshinori Wakabayashi

Yoshinori Wakabayashi

// CTO

Gaug Member - Damian Macdermott

Damian Macdermott

// Tech Lead Engineer

Gaug Member - Yui Kitamura

Yui Kitamura

// Marketing & PR Manager

Gaug Member - Matthew Caldito

Matthew Caldito

// Graphic Designer

Gaug Member - Ricky Akimoto

Ricky Akimoto

// Producer

Gaug Member - Natsuko Maeda

Natsuko Maeda

// Human Resource

Help Us Shape the Future of Esports

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about our mission and values. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us via the contact form.

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GauG Inc.


2-19-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002




21,000,000 JPY

Main Business



XD Inc.
T3 Arena
Base Partners
Code Republic
Coral Capital
Flash Party
Monex Ventures

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"Since late 2022, we at REKT Productions have partnered with GauG as the tournament and broadcast collaborators for T3 Arena. I cannot emphasize enough the level of preparedness, attention to detail, and quality of work demonstrated by GauG. They have consistently supported us with prompt responses to our inquiries and requests, ensuring that no matter the challenge, they have been there to assist. Naoto and the team have been invaluable in establishing an esports ecosystem in North America, diligently overseeing every aspect of the project without missing a beat. Their unwavering dedication has ensured that the community receives nothing less than what they truly deserve and more. If you are contemplating a partnership with GauG, I implore you not to miss out on this remarkable opportunity. Working with them will undoubtedly bring immense value to you, your team, your company, and your community. You will NOT regret it."

Robert Munday - Director

"In recent years, the esports market has been growing rapidly, and it is anticipated that there will be increasing demand for services that promote connections between game production companies, professional esports athletes, and gamer fans. GauG, Inc. is a team that combines passion for esports and experience in global business, led by their representative, Mr. Maeda. They have built a highly enthusiastic esports community, providing platforms for esports tournament management and gamer interaction. Furthermore, they plan to launch a new fantasy sports business in the esports domain utilizing NFT. We are excited for GauG, Inc. to take the market by storm as an innovative player energizing the esports community, and we have invested in them this time. UNITED, Inc. will fully support GauG, Inc.'s challenges in the Japanese and global markets."

Shinya Katagi - Venture Capitalist

"The GauG Team has been passionate, consistent and reliable across multiple game titles we collaborated in Japan and North America regions. Their comprehensive tournament services provided a complete esports solution, and have been an instrumental part of the vibrant community we strive to build for our PvP titles. The integration of features like event registration, tournament organization and livestreaming services demonstrates their deep understanding of the esports ecosystem."

Cazev Fung - Global Publishing

T3 Arena
"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support the GauG team during this exciting time as they focus on Fantasy eSports. They possess extensive knowledge and experience in the esports market, coupled with their undeniable passion. Given the tremendous buzz surrounding eSports in Japan and the immense popularity of Fantasy Sports worldwide, the combination of Fantasy eSports is truly exceptional and poised for global success. We are eagerly anticipating the incredible impact that GauG will make with their impressive dedication and hard work. Let's make it happen!"

Yuzuru Sotokawa - General Partner

Shukuko Tanaka - Associate

Base Partners
"The esports industry has lagged behind the gaming industry in Japan. Players have lacked comprehensive platforms to track and share gaming stats and build teams. Regulations have also prevented flourishing esports models seen abroad. GauG is changing this by utilizing NFTs and building a gamer and community centric platform. With a global team from renowned companies like Bank of America, GungHo, Honda Motors, and Mitsui, GauG brings extensive knowledge of esports and a strong passion for the industry. We are proud to back a team that truly embodies the gaming culture of work hard, play hard."

Tiffany Kayo - Analyst

Coral Capital
"GauG provides a convenient tournament platform for players, enlivening the entire community atmosphere of FlashParty."

Tony Chi - Japan Marketing

Flash Party
"GauG Inc. is a company that has made tremendous contributions to the growth of the gaming community. We would like to continue working together to expand the community of gaming fans and keep them excited through various tournaments in the future."

Haruto Nakayama - Executive Officer

"The Gaug team is on a mission to truly revolutionize the world of fantasy esports. Their appreciation for good design and art has enabled to push creative boundaries and create an unparalleled game-like experience on the web. Throughout our collaboration, their expertise and profound insights into the industry empowered us to make well-informed design choices. Working with Gaug has been an absolute pleasure, a true partner fully committed to achieving its goals and objectives."

Matija - COO