Seamless Tournament Management and Support

Tournament Management

Elevate your eSports event with GauG's Tournament Management service. We offer support to host, produce media campaigns, and create a successful and memorable event.

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What We Offer



Social Media Management

Maximize your reach on social media. We will manage your Discord server, distribute user trend reports, and create a custom plan that fits your budget. Our posts will engage your audience, helping you build a strong following.

Creative Design Services

We will enhance your tournaments by creating design assets and key visuals, including season and meta-themed tournament logos. Our comprehensive support ensures a professional look and feel for your event.

Organizer Support Program

GauG offers a comprehensive support program for organizers to create successful esports tournaments. We provide prizes based on tournament size and support to manage, review, and approve applications. Our team provides thorough support throughout the tournament organization process.

Official League Support

We offer comprehensive support for longer and larger leagues and tournaments. Our team creates visuals that align with the competitive and growing expectations of the eSports community, to support a successful and engaging event.

// Our Mission

Assist Breaking Into The Japanese Gaming Market

We offer language and cultural support to succeed in Japan's lucrative gaming market. With our expertise in delivering eSports content, we enable rapid community building in Japan and offer support to expand globally in North America and Europe. Let us help you unlock the potential of the Japanese market and take your gaming business to the next level.

Why GauG?

GauG offers a unique platform for seamless tournament management and administrative support. Our platform can be customized for each season and meta, and we provide support in both Japanese and English. Let GauG handle the logistics so you can focus on what matters most – building your audience and expanding your reach in the Japanese market.

Centralized Platform

  • Ensure consistency in guiding and promoting tournaments by centralizing community leaders (organizers) to GauG

  • Create a navigation-friendly community environment in which organizers and users will not get lost by centralizing the platforms


  • Flexible customization of tournament format and broadcasting methods to meet the organizer's needs, budget, and tournament scale

  • Creative production tailored to the season and meta

Extensive Support in Japanese and English

  • Japanese and English support for tournament management and organizer support by bilingual staff

  • Simultaneous broadcasting available in Japanese and English

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